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Mystery Number 1
(August 2002)

It's a mystery to me but maybe not to you? Let me know if you have the answer.
Three A Group
But what's this with
the A's upside down?

Send me your answer.
Heidie: The A's upside down, gives the joker a crown.. (very poetic!)
Chris: An excellent example of a rare printing error. The pair (coloured and B&W) have a value of about 50dollars.
I can let you have them for half that. Contact me.
Dominique: Je m'en fous de tes conneries de jokers.
Sheila: Made specially for the Australian market where everything is upside down.
Jane: Who punched him in the nose?
aad this joker is uit the Caribbean
Pat: The artwork of the card was "borrowed" by another publisher who removed or altered certain details to a avoid a lawsuit for violating a registered trademark.