Welcome to my jokers. I hope you enjoy the collection and find something in the duplicates that you would like to exchange or buy. The duplicates section is recently updated.

There are several Grimaud jokers with blank rectangles which maybe served for marking scores at some time but now are used for publicity. My favourites are from the Hector de Trois deck, the joker has been re-drawn for each different mark of publicity. Visit the Grimaud publicity collection.

Some Dusserre jokers also have publicity panels. I like the one with the monkeys but don't know what it signifies. Visit the Dusserre publicity collection.
         Feb. 22nd: Ducale collection.
         Jan. 27th: Dusserre publicity collection.
         Jan. 25th: Grimaud publicity collection.
         Jan. 18th: Dusserre collection updated.
         Jan. 12th: Grimaud collection updated.
         July 11th: Philibert collection.
         July 9th: Jokers from other games.
         May 13th: Heron collection.
         May 7th: Perfume jokers.
         March 25th: Dusserre Collection.